Friday 24 January 2020

Fay Ripley: Things got a bit carried away filming foodie Cold Feet sex scene

The actress said she and co-star John Thomson went to town on the scene’s vague brief.

Fay Ripley.
Fay Ripley.

By Francesca Gosling

Cold Feet star Fay Ripley has admitted that things got a bit “carried away” while filming a comical food-based sex scene with co-star John Thomson for the upcoming series.

The scene sees characters Pete and Jenny Gifford explore new ways to inject excitement into their marriage as ITV’s hit rom-com drama marks its 20th anniversary.

Joking about one particular moment that involved “raspberries, yoghurt, cream and eggs,” Ripley told the Daily Star newspaper: “If it’s called a fantasy sequence, a flashback or whatever, you can sort of go to town … And if you give that opportunity to John and I, we’re almost certainly going to run with that.

“There is a lot of food involved. It got quite out of hand, I’m not going to lie.

“I think there was a full episode in what we filmed, and you could potentially use it as a cooking video as well.”

Her comments came days before the show returns for its seventh season, and second since it took a 13-year break.

The 51-year-old has previously told how she at one point wanted her character to be killed off so she would be in with a chance of winning a Bafta, but now says she is glad that show creator Mike Bullen turned down her request.

She told the Mirror newspaper: “I really appreciate the not being dead thing, and I’m now delighted I didn’t win a BAFTA.

“I’ve thanked the writer Mike Bullen so many times for not listening to stupid actresses who are asking to get an award.”

But Ripley did leave the show following its fourth run in 2001, just as it was enjoying peak popularity.

She explained: “I left to secure my husband (Daniel Lapaine), to seal the deal – and I hate to be too smug, but it seems to have worked.”

Cold Feet will return to screens on September 11.

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