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Emmerdale star upset to be leaving soap after Gerry’s death

Shaun Thomas has played the former convict in the ITV soap since January 2017.

Emmerdale actor Shaun Thomas says he is upset to be leaving after his character Gerry Roberts was killed off (ITV/PA)
Emmerdale actor Shaun Thomas says he is upset to be leaving after his character Gerry Roberts was killed off (ITV/PA)

By Andrew Arthur, Press Association Entertainment Reporter

Actor Shaun Thomas said he was upset after finding out his character in Emmerdale would be killed off.

During Thursday’s double episode of the ITV soap, former convict Gerry Roberts died after the roof of the B&B collapsed on top of him.

Gerry had been lured to the dangerous building by his best friend Lachlan White (Thomas Atkinson) who had previously confessed to him that he deliberately caused the car crash in which his mother Chrissie White (Louise Marwood) and grandfather Lawrence White (John Bowe) died.

Emmerdale's Gerry Roberts died in Thursday's double episode after the BandB ceiling collapsed on him. (

Thomas, 20, first appeared as Gerry in January 2017, when his character was introduced as Lachlan’s cellmate in a young offenders institute.

The actor said he would have liked to have stayed on as a member of the show’s cast and revealed his surprise at finding out he would be leaving.

Thomas said: “Well, it was a shock, because I was only ever meant to come here for the two episodes in the prison with Lachlan and then I ended up staying here for a year and a half.

“So I really got used to being around everybody, made a connection with everybody, and then to be told that was going to come to an end, it was pretty upsetting.”

Gerry was lured to the BandB by killer Lachlan White.

Gerry does not die instantly after he is trapped under falling debris, but as he calls out for help Lachlan ensures he does not survive by dropping a large stone on him.

Thomas revealed filming the death scene took days to complete.

Commenting on some of his character’s humorous lines during the dramatic sequence Thomas said: “I think that’s just typical of Gerry, isn’t it?

“Whatever situation he’s in, he always finds a way to make someone laugh or make someone smile.

“Lying on that floor for three days was quite uncomfortable so that alone was a challenge in itself.

“But working with Tom and the director and the guys we were working with were all brilliant and they made it so comfortable and a lot easier for me to do my own thing.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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