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Eamonn low on just who Jungle Nadia is

Eamonn Holmes has put the boot in to 'I'm a Celeb star Nadia Forde'.

Appearing on the ITV2 spin off show [I'm a Clebrity Get Me Out of Here Now], Eamonn slated the model's celebrity status saying: "Who is she? A so-called Irish model and TV star I've never heard of, even Rory McIlroy has never heard of her."

His cruel dig was echoed by the usual begrudgers on Facebook and Twitter.

"I'm Irish and 99 per cent of the people I know are," said one.

"Not one of us has heard of Nadia Forde or any reality show she's been in. In any country."

But Nadia may yet have the last laugh as she is already proving to be the jungle's surprise package.

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