Saturday 17 August 2019

Eamonn Holmes trumps US president with uncanny disguise

The TV star went blond and orange as he hinted towards a “new series”.

Eamonn Holmes
Eamonn Holmes

By Francesca Gosling

TV presenter Eamonn Holmes has taken on a temporary new persona by dressing up as US President Donald Trump.

The ITV This Morning host Tweeted a photo of himself after covering his face in make up and apparently dying his hair blond.

He asked his fans: “Going blonde and orange for a new series. Have I trumped it?”

The 57-year-old also tagged a spoof account for the American politician.

Holmes’ uncanny disguise seems to have frightened and impressed fans in equal measure, with one responding to his post: “Oh my @EamonnHolmes – that is truly terrifying. Trumped it and then some.”

Another joked: “Your hands are too big (normal size) Eamonn! Other than that, spot on!”

“Haha brilliant! Surprised at how much you suit wearing make up!” teased another.

“You look freakishly like him,” said one, while another added: “It kinda suits you weirdly.”

Anticipating the “new series” Holmes mentioned, some joked that it may be “fake news”, while one posted: “Looking forward to seeing what this is about.”

Details about the programme have yet to be officially revealed.

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