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DVD reviews

Music lovers know that annoying feeling. Maybe you're cooking in the kitchen. You've got some good tunes going, maybe you're even having a little dance. But then you need to pop into the next room and you can't hear so well any more.

You need multi-room sound, pal.

The gang at Sonos have been serving this market well for several years, albeit at a premium price.

But now here comes Pure, best known for its DAB radios, with a smart, cheaper solution that works over wifi and Bluetooth.

The Pure Jongo S3 is the first in a family of multi-room products, kicking the range off with a versatile, attractive wireless speaker the size of a batch loaf. Powered by mains or rechargeable battery, the Jongo S3 can receive audio over Bluetooth from any suitably equipped device (phone, tablet, computer, etc).

But hook it into your wifi and you can add a second (or more) S3 that will happily pump out the same tunage (or radio station) in multiple rooms – so long as you use an iPhone/iPad app called Pure Connect, available in the iTunes App Store within weeks. An Android version is also promised imminently.

Pure Connect can play all the music on your phone plus about 20,000 internet radio stations and gazillions of podcasts – but it doesn't permit you to send audio from the likes of Spotify or Deezer.

In the UK, Pure has its own Spotify-like service that works with the app for €6 a month but for licensing reasons won't be available here for some months.

The Jongo S3 sounds remarkably good for a speaker of its size, thanks to its array of four tweeters and a sub-woofer. Annoyingly, it suffered an occasional sound drop-out but that's a peril with all wireless speakers.

Of course, at €200 each, the S3s aren't a casual purchase, but they're remarkably well integrated and expandable – plus they're cheaper than the competition.


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