Friday 15 November 2019

Discover your true colours

Ever thought you could do with some advice from an interior designer?

At the Colortrend Interior Design Forum at the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show you will have the opportunity to get advice from eight amazing interior designers for free.

Each designer has created a room-set that is guaranteed to give you more than a few ideas as to what you can do in your own home. They will also be on hand to offer free one-to-one design and colour advice.


Fifty shades of grey seems to be everywhere at the moment and Louise Higgins of Aspire Design & Perfect Headboards feels you should incorporate this theme into your own bedroom.

"I want people to experiment with the colour grey," she says. "I've chosen a very dark grey colour - Prestige by Colortrend - for the panelled walls (created by Ollie Coleman Carpentry) and added softer hues of grey in the form of pillows and lighting to give the room a luxurious feel."

Louise, who used fabrics by KOBE in the room, believes the bedroom is the main room in the home where texture is of the utmost importance. "Once night falls you become more aware of the textures around you. So I've added soft Egyptian cottons, opulent silks and luxurious velvets to create a haven to texture."


"I wanted to show people that they shouldn't be afraid to go bold or try something different," says Moya Farrell of Moya Anne Design and Designology about the bedroom she created.

"To do this, I focussed on one feature wall in Colortrend Dressage, a black with subtle undertones and an Art Deco feel. The surrounding walls are white and I've also incorporated shades of blush pink throughout the room to offset the dramatic black colour."

"I think people will take away from my room-set that it's okay to take risks, once they are calculated risks. By balancing the darkness with light the room has an edgy feeling but is not overdone."


Regina Rogers Fallon chose to design a living room for the Colortrend Interior Design Forum because it is such a prominent space in the home.

"My idea was to create a place people would feel comfortable sitting and entertaining in."

"I wanted the furniture to define the space by being both functional and stylish. To do this I have chosen a custom build sofa from "the sofa company". It was made with a hard wood beech frame and designed with an unusual curve. It is presented with a neutral biscuit chenille fabric that is complimented by splashes of colour. I feel that this piece integrates perfectly with my intrepid colour palette featuring Petrol and Squeeze from Colortrend Interior Collection."


When Ann-Marie Carty Stuart and Claire Porter Weldon of Stuart Weldon design began designing a bedroom for a 12 year old girl they were conscious not to make it overly girly. They didn't want to go down the obvious route of pink and chose Colortrend Quiet Pond 0672, a vibrant aqua.

According to Claire, when updating a child's room, it's a good idea to incorporate elements you already have rather than going to great expense.

"Don't throw everything out. Children's tastes are constantly changing and adapting so look at what you can do with what you have. For example by painting and changing the handles on an old chest of drawers we gave it a whole new lease of life."


Niamh Carter of Niamh Carter Interiors said she wanted to show visitors something different. So she created a living room come study in a "Steampunk" style!

According to Niamh, Steampunk marries elements from the Victorian period such as deep buttoned sofas, panelled walls and dark colours with a more contemporary Industrial look such as on-trend features like copper, leather and brass.

"The upcycled desk in the room displays this very well. We took a very average dressing table, removed the mirror, sanded and oiled the top and then painted the drawers using Colortrend Historic Antique Eggshell in Ox Vein to transform it into a beautiful writing desk.

"After seeing our room set, I hope to inspire visitors to try something new in their homes."


When Niamh Mac Gowan of Niamh Mac Gowan Interior Style was tasked with creating a sitting room for the Colortrend Interior Design Forum she decided to go back to her roots.

"I've gone for a very rustic feel," says Niamh. "I'm from Wicklow so I'm very inspired by nature and textures. I believe that natural textures such as wood and linen can really enhance a room and that's what I've tried to show."

Niamh has incorporated Colortrend Berry Patch 1152, a strong plum berry colour to tie the whole room together.

"While nothing in the room matches, there is a common thread throughout the room and everything comes together in a very relaxed way. To do this, I've used layers of art, lighting and fabric."


Jackie Carton from Style my Room says to expect the unexpected from her bedroom design.

"I've added dramatic black and white flooring. While that may seem surprising it adds a strong graphic element to the room. Retro furniture and quirky accessories complete the look.

"People can be reluctant to have dark walls in a bedroom but actually they create a cocoon-like effect which is very soothing."

"Visitors may like to rethink their bedroom schemes after seeing how these non-traditional elements can combine to create a highly individual look. As the bedroom is such a private space, why not go wild and embrace a different style that's completely unique!"


Deirdre Hardiman of Hepburn designs doesn't believe in following trends. So when it came to designing a living room for the Colortrend Interior Design Forum she wanted to create something timeless. "I used colour to create a clean yet classic look using Genesis and Aluna from Colortrend."

For those visiting the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show, Deirdre has one piece of advice: bring a picture of the floor of the room you want to update.

"I feel that when people are painting a room, they don't take into account the floor but that's a big mistake. The type of floor you have will actually make a huge impact on how a particular colour will work in the room."

"For that reason, I will have sample boards at the show, showing what paint colours and fabrics go with different flooring."

Discover your true colours

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