Monday 23 September 2019

David Walliams: People forget about BGT when it’s off TV

The comedian said it is ‘super fun’ being a judge on the talent programme.

David Walliams
David Walliams

By Julia Hunt, Press Association Entertainment Correspondent

David Walliams has joked that he sometimes struggles to remember who won Britain’s Got Talent – the day after the final.

The comedian, 46, said he loves being a judge on the entertainment show but finds people no longer think about it once each series ends.

He said on ITV’s Lorraine: “I love doing Britain’s Got Talent, it’s super fun. But as soon as it’s off TV people forget about it.

“Even sometimes the day after the final people say, ‘Who won?’, and I struggle to remember,” he laughed.

Simon Cowell and David Walliams

The star also opened up about his relationship with his Britain’s Got Talent colleague Simon Cowell, saying Cowell is so competitive he once asked which of their sons was better looking.

Walliams is father to Alfred, five, while Cowell has four-year-old Eric.

“Simon Cowell is so competitive, he’s competitive about every single thing you can be about,” Walliams said.

“He even said to me one day, ‘Who do you think is better looking? My son or your son?’

“I said, ‘Well my son is obviously better looking but the good thing is you’re rich so you can pay for your son to have plastic surgery’.

“He said to his partner, ‘Lauren, Lauren, David just said Eric needs plastic surgery’.

“There’s nothing we wouldn’t say to each other. We’re like brothers, we sort of love each other and hate each other in equal measure. It’s a really weird relationship but very genuine.”

Walliams was on the daytime programme to discuss his new book The World’s Worst Children 3.

“I go into schools up and down the country and I meet a lot of reluctant readers, lots of kids, often boys, who never read books, and I thought, I want to do a book especially for them, I don’t want to leave those kids behind,” he said.

“I thought, I want to do something really, really fun with no big over-arching themes or anything, just silly and funny,” added the star, who took his pet dog on Lorraine with him.

“I think it is going to turn into a cartoon series as well, which is very exciting.”

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