Monday 14 October 2019

Darren's not back from the dead confirms Love/Hate boss

Robert Sheehan in crime drama Love/Hate
Robert Sheehan in crime drama Love/Hate
Darren is not back from the dead says show boss
Robert Sheehan with Killian Scott (Tommy) and Tom Vaughan Lawlor (Nidge) during the filming of the third series of Love/Hate. VIP Pictures
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

Love/ Hate fans were shocked and delighted when hoodie loving gangster Darren returned to the filming lot.

Darren was mowed down in the season finale last year but after he was snapped on location, speculation mounted about a possible return.

But series writer Stuart Carolan has confirmed Darren is definitely not back from the dead.

“He was filming that’s true but he was shot dead last year,” told The Ray D’Arcy show. “But he’s dead – there is no Bobby Ewing moment.”

“I feel stupid saying otherwise. He’s dead. There is something happening with him but I’m not getting into what we were filming.”

The IFTA award winning writer said he was thrilled with the reaction to series three but having hoards of fans on set took some getting used to.

“Wherever we went – people were really nice but after a while the actors were treated like they were in the Beatles. There were maybe 200 or 300 people watching filming.”

Bizarrely it was mainly school children who wanted to get their picture with drug lord King Nidge.

“The crowds wouldn’t gather till after school was over. It would be relatively quiet and then school would end and the crowds would gather.”

Stuart said he did feel some pressure to deliver another stellar series after Love/ Hate smashed ratings records last year.

“You would hate to disappoint the audience so there is some pressure. So you don’t want to take your foot off the peddle and we’ve got this great team,” he said.

“The reaction to the third season was so strong and we wanted to keep it strong.

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