Saturday 19 January 2019

Culture vulture - What not to miss this week


A-Ha. Photo: Getty Images
A-Ha. Photo: Getty Images

Ed Power

The movie - 2001: A Space Odyssey

Mind-expanding exploration of what it is to be human? Or near three-hour snooze-athon about violent monkeys, giant space babies and a computer assistant gone ga-ga? Ever since its premiere 50 years ago, Kubrick's masterpiece has split opinion. Either way, the consensus is that the film is best enjoyed on the big screen. Prepare to have your mind blown/patience tested.

From Friday, Light House Cinema, Dublin


The gig - A-Ha

Tall-haired Norwegians play a rare Irish show. It's decades since they had success in the charts but their best songs - a club that doesn't just include 1985's timeless 'Take On Me' - have entered the pantheon.

Tuesday, Live at the Marquee, Cork


The lol - Dara Ó Briain

One of Ireland's biggest comedy exports, Ó Briain takes time out from being the face of BBC chuckle-dom for another helping of wry humour, with virtual reality and Brexit among the topics of fun.

From Thursday, Vicar Street, Dublin


Chris O'Dowd in Get Shorty
Chris O'Dowd in Get Shorty

The podcast - Tomorrow's World

Taking its name from the 80s' factual programme - ask someone who knows the difference between a ZX81 and a Sinclair Spectrum - this new BBC podcast belies its retro title with a focus on emerging technologies and how they can help, or hinder, the challenges facing mankind.


The TV show - Get Shorty

Chris O'Dowd steps into the britches of John Travolta in this new adaptation of the cult Elmore Leonard novel. Travolta was the star of the 1995 movie retelling of the book - but this series-length tilt at the story (which it is based "in part" on) takes a grittier tone, though still remains enjoyable screwball.

Wednesday, Sky Atlantic


The box set - Sense8, The Series Finale

Bonkers globe-hopping drama from the Wachowski siblings reaches its conclusion via a feature-length episode, after being cancelled by Netflix. If you're new to the saga, you're better off going back to season one. For devotees, this may bring some much-needed closure.

Available now on Netflix from

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