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Critic's guide to going out: 30/07/2010

GAZE Film Festival, Light House Cinema

Gaze, the lesbian and gay international film festival, has come of age. It is old enough to drink, vote and put together its most mature and enticing programme to date. Running in Smithfield's Light House Cinema until next Monday, this 18th festival comprises a mix of features, documentaries and shorts from as far away as Uruguay, China, Norway and New Zealand. Highlights include the award-winning Topp Twins: The Untouchable Girls, the most provocative I Killed My Mother, Prima Donna: The Story of Rufus Wainwright's Debut Opera, Stonewall Uprising, which captures this turning point in the history of the gay rights movement, and Jordan Scott's Cracks, which was filmed in Ireland.


Leonard Cohen, Lissadell House, Sligo

The funniest straight-man in music, Cohen's genius lies in his ability to mingle broken-hearted woe and midnight black humour. On record, he often lives up to his billing as patron saint of bedsit moochery. In the flesh, however, the 75-year-old radiates grandfatherly warmth and twinkling wit. In the gothic shadow of Lissadell House, Cohen's bank holiday two-night stand promises to be every bit as epic, triumphant and life changing as his run of shows in Dublin in 2008 and 2009. Rumour has it that there may still be a ticket or two available. Hallelujah indeed.


Crash Test Cabaret, Odessa Club, Dublin 2

So everyone else is off enjoying exotic adventures and rural retreats, but fear not if you've been left behind to guard the capital -- Crash Test Cabaret promises to spice up your bank holiday. Enjoy the lastest instalment in the ongoing saga of The Jailbirds, a recently incarcerated crime ring, comprising a nun with a murderous mission, a vampire with a biting urge for freedom and a beast creature who likes to eat her beef on the bone. Taking the Crash Test Challenge will be camp leaders the Gooseberry Greencoats. Special Guests Appollonia Bellydance and opera diva Sinead Flynn will add a touch of class to the proceedings. If this all sounds a tad unhinged, just wait until you get there.


Kila, Red Stables, St Anne's Park, Raheny, Co Dublin

This most engaging band of raggle taggle troubadours will be performing at the most unusual hour of 2pm today to guarantee an afternoon of dancing in the park.

They are the opening act for the fourth Northside Music Festival, which provides a diverse range of free musical events across the northside of the city, unsurprisingly enough given the title of the festival. Running until August 17, this year's line-up includes everything from Balkan gypsy folk to Latin American sambo, early Irish and gospel, and features such bands as The Henry Girls, MaSamba and, our particular favourite, French gypsy groovers Txutxukan.


Peter Murphy, Button Factory, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Bauhaus have reformed. No, wait a minute, they've broken up again. Hold your horses, they're back together. Ah no, they've split ... While it may be hard to work out if they will ever play together again as a band, at least Bauhaus's leading man Peter Murphy is still flying the musical flag. This enduring post-punk Gothic innovator is on the road with his new album Ninth. Murphy's face might be familiar to those of you who may not have been around when Bauhaus originally carved their own musical niche, as he recently appeared as The Cold One in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Expect tonight's performance to be riddled with moments from the dark side.


Open-air Cinema, Dundrum

Dublin southside suburbanites can sample the pleasures of summer open-air cinema at Dundrum Town Centre this afternoon and tonight, and each Wednesday until August 18. The centre is hosting free movies on the big screen in the main square, by the fountain, and has encouraged its many restaurants to come up with family deals for take-away meals to eat outside in front of the movie. Today at 5pm sees family favourite Shrek grace the big screen, to be followed at 7pm by old-timer Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Shrek sounds like a great way to sample the cinema, in particular if you've little kids who may not have the patience for sitting through a whole movie -- you can always get up and go for a wander.


The A-Team, General Release

The plan definitely comes together for this wildly silly but fun movie version of the 80s TV series. Liam Neeson (Hannibal), Bradley Cooper (Face), Quinton Jackson (BA Baracus) and Sharlto Copley (Murdock) step into the military-issue boots of the original quartet and do a fine job playing the pot-holed script for laughs. The boys are still on the run from the US Army for a crime they didn't commit -- in Iraq this time, rather than Vietnam -- and they are still bickering and bashing bad guys in between blowing up stuff. Action movie director Joe Carnahan makes full use of his special effects budget but softens the explosions with a salvo of visual gags.

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