Thursday 14 November 2019

Corrie’s Shayne Ward: Being a father makes it fun to play expecting dad Aidan

The actor is currently at the centre of a major love triangle storyline in the ITV soap.

Shayne Ward
Shayne Ward

By Francesca Gosling

Coronation Street’s Shayne Ward has told how becoming a dad brought a new level of fun to playing expecting father, Aidan Connor.

His recent discovery that fiancee Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley) is pregnant was the clincher that made him choose to commit once and for all, despite his year-long affair with her best friend Maria (Samia Longchambon).

While Ward insisted that Aidan “absolutely fell in love” with both Maria’s serious side and Eva’s bubbly giggle, the thought of starting a family will finally prompt him to own up to his cheating – on the morning of his upcoming wedding.

Months after welcoming his first child Willow, with former Hollyoaks actress Sophie Austin, Ward said: “At first he just doesn’t know what to do, but then he gets so excited.

“Being a dad myself now, it’s amazing fun to play. He doesn’t know who to be with but when Eva tells him she’s pregnant he decides to completely focus on her.”

Unbeknown to Aidan, Eva has already found out about his infidelity and has laid out a careful revenge plot that she plans to kick off on the big day.

Ward admitted that “love rat” Aidan deserves a comeuppance, but added: “He had an affair for a year and that is unacceptable, but this is a baby now and it completely changes everything.

“If there was no baby he would be absolutely heartbroken. It would absolutely destroy him.”

Ward joked he does feel a pang of guilt when his real-life partner watches his romantic scenes played on screen.

Admitting that they often watch the show together, he explained: “Of course it’s not nice the feeling you get … when you see your partner on screen kissing somebody – and especially when the (microphone) picks up the sounds – you don’t want them sat next to you.

“I watch it for continuity and to know where I am as a character, but if I know a scene is coming up where I kiss then I go and (make) a brew.

“But then (Austin) laughs about it; she knows it has to be believable, she’s brilliant.”

He joked that his Irish mother and aunties, on the other hand, are less understanding and often tell him off for being a “dirty dog”.

The hotly anticipated wedding scenes will come to a head on Wednesday, following a hilarious stag do that sees Aidan and mates dress up in drag.

“We had an absolute scream doing it,” he confessed.

“I was the only one who kept the heels on all day. Hopefully it won’t happen again, though.”

Commenting on the news that actress Alison King will soon be returning to reprise her role as his on-screen sister Carla Connor, he said: “We are all so excited, but no-one knows what’s going to happen when she comes back.

“For me personally she is one of the most captivating actresses I have ever worked with. She was in my first ever scene and she made me feel so relaxed.”

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