Monday 22 July 2019

Corrie’s Alison King: Carla Connor better apart from Peter Barlow

Her ex-husband has been trying to reunite with her.

Alison King has said she does not want Carla to reunite with Peter (Matt Crossick/PA)
Alison King has said she does not want Carla to reunite with Peter (Matt Crossick/PA)

By Laura Harding, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent

Coronation Street star Alison King has said she thinks her character Carla Connor is “better apart” from ex-husband Peter Barlow.

The outgoing Rovers Return landlord, played by Chris Gascoyne, has tried to rekindle their romance recently but been left disappointed when his advances have been rejected.

The couple were married in 2013 but split up after he had an affair with his babysitter Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan).

She said: “I think essentially they just love each other and it is a very kind relationship under the surface.

“No matter what has gone on, even when they say they hate each other they actually know that they don’t.

“That is something in their chemistry, it isn’t something they can do anything about because they have similarities.”

Asked if she thinks they are good together, King replied: “No I think they are better apart but I like working with Chris so much that I don’t want that to be the case.

“I think they are great as that on off relationship, that will they, won’t they.”

King said Connor worries about Barlow’s intentions for investing in underwear factory Underworld, adding: “She is angry, how dare he try and ‘get into bed with her’ financially and try to be her saviour and think she is just going to roll over just like that.

“But she does protest too much really, when she says to Toyah she wouldn’t go near ‘that’ again and it is that thing of hitting a boy because you really like him and that is how she is with him.

“She is a swan on top of the water with her feet going like crazy underneath. She knows it is not ideal going into business with Peter, she knows it would be disastrous because she knows her heart is flipping but she needs him and she hates that she does.”

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