Monday 21 October 2019

Cork-born Hollywood reporter on her life with the stars

As a Cork reporter working in Hollywood, Patricia Danaher has met all of the A-list. Here, she opens her photo album - and reveals what the celebs are really like

Patricia Danaher with Al Pacino
Patricia Danaher with Al Pacino
Jennifer Lopez: Always late and the interviews get pushed later and later in the day
Patricia Danaher with Daniel Day Lewis
Patricia Danaher with Michael Fassbender
Patricia Danaher and Kelsey Grammer
Patricia Danaher with Roman Polanski
Patricia Danaher with Katy Perry
'Barbra Streisand is a warm interviewee who comes with plenty of stories about life off stage, but her people control the lighting, so dark curtains hang everywhere when you meet her'
Patricia Danaher with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Reporter Patricia Danaher with Abbie Cornish, Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell and Martin McDonagh
Patricia Danaher and Miley Cyrus
Colin Farrell, who brings his publicist to even the most informal Irish community events in LA

Patricia Danaher

George Clooney invited me to a party at a private club before the Golden Globes, a few days after we'd met at the funeral of a mutual friend.

We gabbed about all sorts, including his plans to visit Ireland with Amal this summer. Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of Dreamworks, phoned twice to wish me a happy new year. Kevin Spacey called to say sorry for being a bit, ahem, off when we met last year…

Originally from Cork, I have been working in LA as an entertainment reporter for the past eight years. I am the only Irish member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which also makes me a Golden Globes jury member. By now, I've met practically everyone in Hollywood.

Some, like Clooney, are always warm and friendly, remembering you and treating you well, even when they're not trying to curry favourable reviews or your vote. Woody Allen gives great yarns and what seem like very honest personal answers.

Others, like Daniel Craig and Julia Roberts, can be cranky and hostile, even when they're being paid to promote their expensive movies. Some celebs are really nice to your face, but retain a Rottweiller of a publicist who act as though security was their beat and not the media.

Even since he sobered up, Colin Farrell is all "howrya" when you meet him but he never goes anywhere in LA, it seems, without his formidable publicist at his elbow. She, in turn, is rarely seen without the dog which she carries in her handbag.

Clint Eastwood and Dustin Hoffman are flirty old pros who give you yarns and Irish blarney. Mel Gibson, when he does interviews, angers easily and scarily. Cameron Diaz always has a make-up and hair guy within a few feet of her.

Mick Jagger travels with an enormous entourage and lays down strict stipulations of what he'll talk about. He does not do small talk. Angelina Jolie is a dote who has neither publicist nor agent, driving herself to interviews and events, and answering personal questions easily.

Although you meet them regularly and they know your name, in my world it's important to remember that this is business and the actors are not your friends. Still, it makes for a pretty impressive Facebook photo album, as you can see here…

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