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Caught on camera: Keith Duffy loses trunks underwater on reality show


If there's one celebrity whose not afraid to laugh at themselves, it's Keith Duffy.

But even his temperament was put to the test on last night's episode of Splash! when his swimming trunks fell off after a dive...and it was caught on camera.

After making it to the semi-final, Duffy tried his best to outdo his previous performances and certainly made an impression.

"Under water camera, Has a man not got any privacy," he tweeted after the show.

"After 20 years I eventually get my best side on TV! Turn the other cheek."



The Boyzone singer has been consistently wowing audiences and judges alike on the popular celebrity diving show, hosted by Vernon Kay.

Olympic medallist Tom Daley, who is mentoring the contestants, said: "You can tell he's used to performing in front of crowds because that's the best you've done it."

Williamson, 32, who scored 24, was told she was an inspiration to women for trying to conquer her fears, which include water, heights and, bizarrely, air vents.

Olympic medal-winning diver Taylor said: "That's not for the faint-hearted all the way up there.

"You've taken this competition by storm. I can see the determination in your eyes."

Banks said: "We talked earlier about control and height and you've got both. You're an inspiration to girls out there. Girl power rules."



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