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Catherine Tyldesley reveals battle with ‘mum guilt’

The actress said the past few weeks have been more tiring than when she did Strictly Come Dancing.


Catherine Tyldesley (Ian West/PA)

Catherine Tyldesley (Ian West/PA)

Catherine Tyldesley (Ian West/PA)

Catherine Tyldesley has spoken about her struggle with “mum guilt” and encouraged other mothers to give themselves a break.

Sharing a photo of herself cradling her son Alfie, five, she said she is finding taking care of him in lockdown more tiring than when she competed on Strictly Come Dancing.

The former Coronation Street actress wrote: “Keep going mums and dads!!! Some days are utterly disastrous. Some days are truly blessed and magical… and there’s not much middle ground is there?

“Don’t get me wrong, most days ARE magic… but today. Today was really bloody hard.

“My boy is a beautiful boy. Well behaved and the kindest of hearts. And motherhood is the best job in the world (even when covered in poop) But it doesn’t mean that being a mummy is ever easy.

“I had nothing in the tank today. He wanted to play, I wanted to have a gin and not move for several hours. He won. Because I’m a mum. That’s what’s expected.

“I found a middle ground of playing Harry Potter games with a gin in my hand but non the less, I was exhausted.

“The past ten weeks have given me beautiful memories. Wonderful moments filled with love. But I’m more knackered now than when I did Strictly!!

“Hats off to stay at home mummies everywhere. You’re phenomenal. But I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I LOVE being a working mummy. And you know what… that’s ok!!! Whatever makes you happy! Happy mum = happy home.

“I struggle with mum guilt a lot, as I know many of you do. But tonight I ask you – give yourself a break. You’re doing your very best. And as long as that little person is loved and cared for – and has quality time with you when you’re able … we’ll (sic) then they’re happy too. Tomorrow is another day!

“Sending so much love to all my fellow mummies … this is so hard. I’m with you. You’re not alone. Keep going!!!! We can do this!!!! Let’s support each other.”

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Tyldesley has been married to husband Tom Pitfield since 2016.

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