Sunday 18 August 2019

Carnivorous worm like something from horror film, say Blue Planet 2 viewers

The bobbit worm was apparently named after Lorena Bobbitt.

Blue Planet II (BBC Worldwide)
Blue Planet II (BBC Worldwide)

By Julia Hunt, Press Association

Viewers said Blue Planet 2 was “scarier than any horror film” as it featured a terrifying carnivorous worm with jaws like daggers.

Sir David Attenborough’s BBC nature series explained that the metre-long bobbit worm buries itself deep in the sand in order to ambush its unsuspecting prey.

The vicious looking creature was apparently named after Lorena Bobbitt, the US woman who cut off her husband’s manhood in 1993.

Viewers were utterly horrified by the worm.

“Is anyone else thoroughly traumatised by the alien-like carnivorous Bobbit worm?” posted one on Twitter.

“Probably gonna have nightmares about bobbits tonight. Actually horror film worthy,” tweeted another fan.

“Thank #BluePlanet2 I was running out of ideas for nightmares, but I’ll try to fit the worm in,” said another perturbed viewer.

“Urgh, I feel so unsafe. I am never going near water again… (at the very least open water).”

Another fan said: “Who else is avoiding sleep tonight after seeing that nightmare bobbit worm?”

One person joked that the worm belonged in the Upside Down, the frightening other realm in hit show Stranger Things.

“The Bobbit worm DEFINITELY belongs in the Upside Down. Holy feck,” they posted.

The seven-part programme was filmed over four years and is a sequel to the 2001 original series.

Figures recently revealed it has become the most-watched programme of 2017.

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