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Career change could be on the cards for Lucy Kennedy as she believes juggling work and family gives her psychological edge


Lucy Kennedy and Riley

Lucy Kennedy and Riley

Lucy Kennedy and Riley

Lucy Kennedy likes to keep things interesting, and says a career change might even be on the cards.

The well-known presenter revealed that she would love to become a psychotherapist – if she had the time.

“I don’t have a very glamorous life. My life, which is normal, is televised, that’s it,” said Lucy, as she gives a peek into her “ultra busy life” juggling TV and radio presenting, as well as documentary making, with her “insane” home life of moving house, adopting a new puppy, and trying to home-school two kids over lockdown.

The star of the show, both in her work and home life at the moment, is the newest addition to the Kennedy family, Riley the rescue Labrador. When Lucy adopted her, she decided to document the experience, and when Puppy Problems aired earlier this week on Virgin Media, Lucy was delighted with the positive response.

“The perception out there is that rescue dogs are damaged dogs, or aggressive, or that there’s something wrong with them,” she said.

“My point in the documentary was that maybe the dog you want to buy already exists, so just check rescue centres. They have unbelievable dogs, and it’s a very safe way to go through a rescue because the dogs are vetted and trained, and it’s a good thing to do,” she added.

Lucy confirmed that she has several other documentaries in the pipeline, but cannot say more than that they are “about different jobs… different lives”.

Apart from her newfound interest in documentary making, Lucy recently moved from broadcasting for Radio Nova from her dining room table, to being back in studio for a weekday breakfast show on Classic Hits with co-host Colm Hayes.

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“I felt very weird and nervous going back to work in a live studio and having to leave home, get out of my pyjamas and draw on my eyebrows, silly things like that. I miss not being able to empty the dishwasher during the ad breaks, but I love being with other adults,” she said.

Being a morning person is a strict part of the job description, as Lucy has to get up at 5:30 am every morning to make it in for the 6 – 10 am slot.

“I love getting up before everybody else, I love being on the road before everybody else, and I love the feeling of waking up people. I am definitely a morning person,” she said.

The music over at Classic Hits certainly helps her to get going in the mornings.

“I way prefer the music. Classic Hits is 80s and 90s, so I can break it down to ABBA. Whereas Radio Nova, they play rock music and listeners are quite cool. I’m not a cool person, I’ve never pretended to be cool. I like music, but I wouldn’t be one of these people that comes home and plays vinyl all night. Classic Hits suits me better as a person, it’s great, I really really love it,” she said.

If you thought Lucy takes the foot off the pedal at the weekends when she’s not hosting her breakfast show, think again. She’s currently busy working on the next series of Living with Lucy, set to air in September. Last year, the show adapted to Covid-19 with an alternative format, where she “lodged” with her guests in a Meath mansion. Lucy hopes to confirm in the next few weeks what form the next season will be taking.

“I feel like Living with Lucy would be the preference, because we get to see the celebrity’s house, while Lodging with Lucy was great because I was able to let the interview breathe. I think we’re going to aim for ‘Living with’, and hopefully I’ll be able to travel,” she said.

She already has her eye on her dream guests for the season, including Piers Morgan, Sinead O’Connor, Mary Lou, Graham Norton, and Daniel & Majella O’Donnell.

Through all of her projects over the past few months, Lucy, like many parents, had discovered the joys of coaxing two children through Zoom school, which gave her a whole new appreciation for teachers.

“I found I was trying to home-school them, do 50 things at once and not doing anything properly. I was quite frazzled for those few months of home-schooling,” she said.

“I was so relieved come April when it was over to the teachers, who honestly at this stage need medals,” she added.

Lucy has partnered with One4All as part of their “Thank You Teacher” Campaign, aimed to give back to teachers who went above and beyond this year. A One4all Thank You Teacher Gift Card can be loaded up with any amount from €15 to €150, and is the ideal individual or group gift for teachers at the end of the school year.

Being around her kids at school all day, Lucy did pick up a few things, like words of Irish she had forgotten, and is even inspired to go back to education herself one day.

Having already done a foundation course in psychotherapy years ago while hosting the 7 O’Clock show, Lucy would love to return to it, to enhance her interviewing abilities.

“I always said to myself that one day, when I get a chance to breathe, I might return to the world of psychotherapy. I just find it very interesting. And I have a genuine love for people and a genuine interest in helping people. And I don’t say that lightly, I do. I think I’m quite good at gauging somebody and assessing somebody,” she said.

“I think psychotherapy in the future could be on the cards. I’m 45, I have 3 babies, and a rescue puppy and a husband, and life experience. The older you are sometimes the better it is because I’ve obviously experienced more, so yeah, maybe psychotherapy. When I get time!” she said.

“Anything like that would help me with my career, and someone who I’m talking to - plus then I would be DOCTOR Kennedy,” she added.

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