Tuesday 16 July 2019

Cable ties? That's up to Brian

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

Vogue Williams

OK first off, hands up. I have to admit it. I have read all three books. I know, I know, I'm such a creep. But I literally couldn't put them down. As soon as the first one was finished I was racing out to get the next and the next.

So there I was at the cinema - expecting that it wouldn't do my love affair with the books any justice because movies never live up to the real thing - but I was blown away. Jamie Dornan is a fantastic Mr Grey, he is stand-offish and a bit cold.

It is a love story, albeit not the type of love story I'd like to be involved in - but hey, each to their own.

The thing that got me the most wasn't the "room of pain" or the sex games he put her through - it was the fact that he made her sleep in her own room. That was the worst part. I would absolutely hate that.

Did it turn me on? Not exactly. After all, I was in the middle of a cinema, packed full of people, that made for a funny and pretty cringeworthy evening watching some of the scenes. But then, I couldn't even handle the cringe factor of PS: I Love You. So it wasn't the ideal environment to get in the mood.

But when it comes out on DVD I am going to watch it with Brian and see if I feel any different.

Would I try some light bondage myself? Let's just say I won't be beating a path to Woodies for cable ties - but who knows! Never say never. You never know what Brian might have in store.

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