Friday 18 October 2019


John Comyn

SIXTY years ago I sat down to play in my first Davidson Trophy and faced a pretty young woman who had just been married. Last week I attended the funeral of that same lady along with a huge attendance of top-class players who had so enjoyed her company over those 60 years.

The passing of Barbara Seligman was such a sad occasion for all those lucky enough to have known her. I played against her hundreds of times and I can tell you that she was some Bridge player.

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Charming certainly, but a mighty tough opponent. And with a record like hers that's no surprise. She won 28 Irish titles and played 23 times for Ireland with great distinction, mostly with the great Ruth Giddings.

Irish Bridge will be very much the poorer by her absence. She will be greatly missed by relatives, colleagues in the Law Library, friends, including friends in the Bridge community, in particular all those at the Regent Bridge Club. (See obituary, page 30.)

This coming weekend we have Duais An Uachtarain at Westmanstown. The Saturday sessions are set to start at 1.30pm and the Sunday sessions are penned in to get under way at 11am.

Relying on points can prove very expensive. Take this hand from the Bray Congress and West couldn't wait to double.

Bidding (all not)



♠ KQJ1085

♥ -

♦ Q75432

♣ 5


♠ 43♠ 92

♥ AQ42 ♥ KJ75

♦ AK6♦ 108

♣ AKJ9♣ 108743


♠ A97

♥ 109863

♦ J9

♣ Q62

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