Sunday 18 August 2019


John Comyn

Something puzzles me. I have played in the IBU Pairs final for a good many years and if memory serves me right, this year will be first time it is just a one-day event.

Since this championship has qualification requirements, surely it should be a three-session, two-day event? I don't approve at all.

Anyway, that follows Carlow and NIBU Spring Congresses. Carlow runs from May 3-5 and you should forward entries to Sheila Gallagher at 086 8381762.

The NIBU event will be played at the La Mon Hotel, Belfast, on the same dates. Entries to Anne Hassan at 0044-780-1585951.

The Laur Sheeran Memorial Open attracted a huge entry to the Ardboyne Hotel and was run off over 30 boards with the usual high efficiency. We also had a separate section for novices and beginners and it too was well supported.

And finally, if you think luck doesn't play a big part in Bridge - like it does in all things - then take a look at this hand from Navan.

Bidding (both vul)


No chance on the 5-0 break which is so unlucky. But just look at clubs or NT on the East hand. Both slams make, but why would you ignore the 5-3 spades fit in favour of a 5-3 clubs fit.

Mind you, I would always open 4H on the N hand to make things difficult even on the vulnerability.


♠ -

♥ QJ1097643

♦ 95

♣ 1076


♠ KQ6♠ A8542

♥ -♥ K52

♦ AKJ106♦ Q7

♣ K8542♣ AQJ


♠ J10973

♥ A8

♦ 8432

♣ 93

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