Saturday 17 August 2019


John Comyn

After a poor start to the day, the Irish side in last weekend's Teltscher Trophy recovered somewhat - but by then the bird had flown, and at the end of the day, a very powerful English team walked away with the home senior championship at the tournament in bonny, bonny Scotland.

Even with a fair finish, this was a disappointing championship, since we finished a full 45 VPs behind the winners. Though let it be said, the English fielded their strongest possible team.

On the same theme as last week, what happened in the Moylan Trophy, our premier pairs championship? This time, just three Grandmasters turned out. Have they lost interest or what?

Today is the final day of the Lady Milne ladies' championship at CityNorth Hotel in Gormanston. Let's hope we finish the season in style.

And speaking of seasons, despite a beautiful spring rushing towards summer in the greatest of hastes, take a moment out to look at this hand from a club competition - where not one pair got to the right contract. All played in Hearts.

Bidding (NS vul)


Sure, there is only one suit, thinks N and so, as is normal these days, Diamonds don't exist. Players should take their time with big hands. 3H will do, and now S can show the second suit.


♠ 6

♥ AKJ9762

♦ A74

♣ A4


♠ J972♠ Q53

♥ 84♥ Q53

♦ 63♦ K85

♣ KQ873♣ J1062


♠ AK1084

♥ 10

♦ QJ1092

♣ 95

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