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U2 to publish book on all-time biggest stadium tour

NOTHING compares to U2, either on stage or on the page. The band's 360° tour, which is now officially the biggest stadium tour of all time, is about to become a book.

The two-year 360° tour, which started in Barcelona in 2009 and ended this summer in Canada, grossed over €535m and played to over seven million people worldwide.

In terms of revenue it surpassed the previous biggest earning tour, The Rolling Stones 'Bigger Bang' tour.

It was also a critical success, a creative spectacular and a tour that completely redefined stadium-rock. Its 360° 'claw' stage allowed fans to encircle the band and put the band in the centre.

Now the 360° tour is to become a big, lavishly illustrated book, which is likely to be a global bestseller and a major cash generator both for the band and the publisher.

'U2360°: The Official Story of the Greatest Spectacle in Stadium-Rock History' will be a landmark music publishing event, according to Random House, who have bought world rights to the book.

It will contain contributions from the band, from manager Paul McGuinness, from show designer/director Willie Williams, and from show architect Mark Fisher.

It will also feature exclusive photographs from tour photographer Ralph Larmann and behind-the-scenes photographs by Eoin McLoughlin. The book will be written by 'GQ' editor Dylan Jones who has been given complete access, including behind the scenes at Glastonbury 2011.

Announcing the deal in London yesterday Trevor Dolby of Random House said: "Having published the band's autobiography 'U2 By U2' in 2006, I was very flattered when U2's manager Paul McGuiness and Ed Victor invited me to publish the ultimate, and intimate, story of the band's record-breaking tour."

The book, which is likely to be large-format to accommodate pictures, will be designed by Steve Averill, long time designer of U2's albums.

'U2360°: The Official Story of the Greatest Spectacle in Stadium-Rock History' will be published in hardback in October 2012.

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