‘Touching yourself, by yourself, is just as important as partnered sex. In fact, it’s more important’

Florence Bark, the author of a new guide to female masturbation, on the new generation of porn, getting in touch with our bodies and why we should all start using the term ‘solo sex’

'When I teach people how to have better sex, the first thing I say is to start by exploring your own body.' Picture: Getty Images© Getty Images

Florence Bark

Sex is fundamental to our very existence, so why do we get embarrassed when talking about it? Through my podcast, ComeCurious, and now my new book, I’ve made it my mission to eradicate the awkwardness and help people start living healthier and happier lives because they believe in the importance of sex and, more importantly, masturbation. If there is one thing I’ve learnt from 10 years working in this space, it’s the importance of exploring more solo sex, masturbation, wanking, flicking the bean…