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The Great Arts Quiz 2013

I'm reminded of that very annoying ad -- 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet?' Nearly thank goodness.

ARRIVAL: Irish band The Strypes made a big impact on the musical scene this year
ARRIVAL: Irish band The Strypes made a big impact on the musical scene this year
Madeleine Keane

Madeleine Keane

The end of the frenzy of the last few weeks is in sight and in a few days' time the turkey will be a carcass, the carpet a curtain of pine needles and the head-zinging stress of it all a distant memory. So time to relax and enjoy the Great Arts Quiz, now such a firm family tradition that I recognise the handwriting on a lot of the entries that flood into Talbot Street year after year. As ever I'm indebted to my erudite quiz-setter, Alison Walsh, who has trawled the artistic year with characteristic élan. There's also the usual glittering prize for the hard work. I hope art lovers and artists everywhere have a peaceful and joyous Christmas.


1. Ireland lost one of its great literary heroes this year with the death of Seamus Heaney. In what year did he win the Nobel Prize for Literature?


2. This was a great year for Irish authors in the Man Booker Prize. Name two of the three longlisted authors.


3. Eimear McBride won the inaugural Goldsmiths Prize for her much-praised debut novel. What's it called?


4. 'While I was still in Amsterdam, I dreamed about my mother for the first time in years.' This is the opening line to which recent blockbusting novel?


5. Penguin attracted the ire of some purists this year when they published a book called Autobiography as a Penguin Classic. Who is its author?


6. Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries won the 2013 Man Booker Prize. What was the name of her first novel?


7. Robert Galbraith, author of The Cuckoo's Calling, was outed this year as a certain author of children's books. Who is he/she?


8. "It had to happen; everyone else is dead," said this author, who died this year, of her Nobel Prize win. Who is she?


9. Michael Harding was feted this year for his best-selling memoir, winning The Bord Gais Energy Book of the Year 2013. What's the name of the book?


10. 'I can't read my books. They are an embarrassment to me,' said this author, honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's Bord Gais Energy Book Awards. Who is he?


1. Donald Byrd, the jazz trumpeter, died this year. His full name was altogether more elaborate. What was it?


2. This well-known singer-songwriter, who wrote many hits for other artists, including Cocaine covered by Eric Clapton, also died this year. Who is he?


3. The Fleadh Cheoil moved from its recent home in Cavan to which city, in August this year?


4. Which female pop music artist helped make 'twerking' a phrase of the year?


5. This Irish band's album, Awayland, was shortlisted for the 2013 Mercury Music Award. Who are they?


6. Cristina, Regina di Svezia was one of the headline operas at this year's Wexford Opera Festival. Who is the composer?


7. This band thanked their manager for his 'extraordinary leadership, guidance and friendship', on his retirement this year. Who is he and who are they?


8. This modern British composer of The Protecting Veil and Song for Athene died this year -- who was he?


9. Band The Strypes exploded onto the music scene this year. From which Irish county do they hail?


10. Which Irish singer-songwriter is behind the Duckworth-Lewis Method, currently touring with their new album, and the Divine Comedy?


1. Michael Colgan placed this summer's Gate production of this Tennessee Williams play in his top ten productions of all time. What's it called?


2. Which British actor did Colgan bring back to Dublin to star in his production of Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape in March this year?


3. Tickets for this live show, the first by this comedy collective for 30 years, sold out in just 43 seconds in November. Who are they?


4. Which Irish novelist wrote the lyrics for Riverdance's successor, Heartbeat of Home, which debuted at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre this year?


5. Howie the Rookie, Mark O'Rowe's 1999 classic, returned to the stage this year, starring which now-very-famous Irish actor?


6. The Gare St Lazare players performed which Beckett classic at this year's Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival?


7. Mies Julie, Yael Farber's adaptation of Miss Julie, wowed audiences at this year's Galway Arts Festival. Who wrote the original play?


8. Riverrun, 'the voice of the river in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake', had its premiere at the Galway Arts Festival this summer. It stars which Irish theatre genius?


9. Stefanie Preissner is the star of this one-woman show, which returned to theatres this year following its debut at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2012. What's it called?


10. Cork company Ouroboros brought the adaptation of which Shakespeare play to Irish audiences this year?


1. 'Like a futuristic bicycle helmet' was one of the more polite comments on this architect's design for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic stadium. Who is the architect in question?

2. Which British sculptor, famed for his work in steel, died in October 2013, aged 89?


3. Which Irish artist painted Three Studies of Lucian Freud, which sold for a record €103m this autumn?


4. Who is the winner of this year's Turner Prize, held for the very first time in Derry, City of Culture?


5. It was revealed this year that a Cornelius Gurlitt was living in squalor surrounded by priceless paintings, believed to have been stolen by the Nazis, in what German city?


6. Which Irish designer's retrospective marked the reopening of IMMA in Kilmainham in September 2013?


7. Kilkenny's Butler Gallery hosted the first Irish show of the work of this British artist, referred to as 'a sort of Ian Dury of the art world' during the Kilkenny Arts Festival this summer. Who is he/she?


8. The Tate Modern is currently staging an exhibition of which 20th-Century artist, born in Switzerland, and a contemporary of Kandinsky?


9. Make Pots or Die was the title of this BBC Imagine special, looking into the working life of ceramicist Edmund De Waal. For which book is he best known?


10. In October, the Crawford Gallery in Cork hosted this exhibition of self-portraits and portraits of public figures, called Seven by this noted Irish artist. Who is he?


1. Before Midnight, the third installment of Richard Linklater's romantic trilogy marks -- possibly -- the final outing for which two actors?



2. Gravity is a knuckle-biting space drama, directed by Mexican Alfonso Cuaron. Which of the Harry Potter movies did Cuaron direct?


3. Cate Blanchett's performance as a deranged former socialite was a tour-de-force in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine, but who played her put-upon sister?


4. Which well-known broadcast journalist wrote the book upon which the film Philomena is based?


5. 'All I'm going to say is it would be disrespectful to my ancestors to see that film.' What film was Spike Lee criticising in January this year?


6. Lee is also the slightly unlikely director of the US version of which terrifying Korean movie?


7. Blue is the Warmest Colour won this year's Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. What was notable about the award?


8. Cork director Pat Collins' first feature, which debuted in April this year, is a meditation on sound and landscape. What's it called?


9. Enough Said marked the final role for which unforgettable American actor?


10. Legendary film critic Roger Ebert died in April this year. For which newspaper did he write?

Television The Golden Age

1. This French TV series in which the dead come back to life, wowed British and Irish audiences this summer. What's it called?


2. This autumn's series of Borgen is the final in the series of the acclaimed Danish drama about which fictional prime minister?


3. Nucky Thompson is the hero of which Prohibition-era TV drama?


4. Jared Harris, son of Richard, played what character in drama Mad Men, before the character's unfortunate demise?


5. The hit series Game of Thrones is based on the novels by which writer?


6. This prolific US novelist's new drama, about a village sealed under an invisible dome, is Under the Dome. Who is he?


7. TV series The Borgias, which concluded this year, was created by which Irish director?


8. The author of the 2004 play Defender of the Faith is now arguably better known as a TV script-writer. Who is he?

9. Peaky Blinders, the cult BBC TV hit, starred which Irish actor?


10. Ripper Street, the cult TV series, is set on the mean streets of Victorian London, but in what city is it actually filmed?


Odd One Out

(Tick the box)

1. In Love/Hate, Nidge's IRA nemesis, Tony, is played by which Irish actor? Is it,

A. Tom McGinley q

B. Tom Hickey q

C. Tom Vaughan-Lawlor q

2. TV series Breaking Bad, featuring a mild-mannered chemistry teacher turned bad, finished this year. What's the name of the (anti) hero?

A. Walter Mitty q

B. Walter Cronkite q

C. Walter White q

3. What Irish city will be City of Culture 2014?

A. Limerick q

B. Waterford q

C. Galway q

4. 'One thing it proves is that we don't need a women's prize,' said Antonia Fraser of the all-women shortlist for what major literary prize?

A. The Man Booker Prize q

B. The Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction q

C. The Costa Prize q

5. Paul Howard pays homage to a certain TV series in his new Ross O'Carroll-Kelly play, which opens at the Gaeity Theatre next spring. What's the play called?

A. Breaking Up q

B. Breaking Dad q

C. Breaking and Entering q

6. Dr Sleep is the sequel to which of Stephen King's classic novels? Is it,

A. The Shining q

B. Pet Cemetary q

C. Misery q

7. Arcade Fire's new album is called,

a. Reflections q

B. Reflector q

C. Reflektor q

8. Maggie O'Farrell's novel Instructions for a Heatwave is set during which blisteringly hot summer?

A. 1976 q

B. 1989 q

C. 2013 q

9. Who wrote and performed a lament for Arthur's Day, in response to the controversy around the now-annual event. Was it,

A. Christy King q

B. Christy Moore q

C. Damien Dempsey q

10. This summer, French duo Daft Punk's Get Lucky dominated the airwaves, but it was outstripped in sales by which song? Was it,

A. Tight Lines q

B. Lines of Inquiry q

C. Blurred Lines q


Can you name the eight well-known people (numbered 1-8) pictured above:









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