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Monday 9 December 2019

terror on the eurostar for mcnab's sas vet

Few authors can have had as adventurous a life to draw on for inspiration as Andy McNab.

Abandoned as a baby on the steps of Guy's Hospital in London, he was a teenage delinquent before becoming a boy soldier in the British army.

He subsequently joined the SAS and has seen action-filled operations against dictators, terrorists and drug cartels.

On leaving the services he wrote three hugely successful non-fiction books about his military career before turning to fiction and penning 14 bestselling Nick Stone thrillers.

Red Notice is the first in a projected new series featuring SAS operative Sergeant Tom 'Posh Boy' Buckingham. The scion of a wealthy land-owning family, Tom prefers the rough and tumble camaraderie of the barrack room to the officers' mess.

And in Red Notice he gets plenty of action when a Paris-bound Eurostar express and its 400 passengers are seized by South Ossetian terrorist paramilitaries.

Buckingham, a passenger, must delay the terrorist plan until his comrades can come to the rescue. Heart-pounding action all the way.

Myles McWeeney

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