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Taxi Drivers, 'the line' and Mammy on Facebook: You Know You're Irish When...


The book is published by the O'Brien press

According to the new book by Seamus Ó Conaill, here are ten times you know you are Irish.

How Irish are you? Author Ó Conaill's book of 'Irishisms' challenges you to see how 'green' you really are.

In no particular order, here are our favourites from the new mini-offering from the Irish author.

1. You ask taxi drivers if they're having a busy night

2. You groaned when Mammy joined Facebook, but accepted her anyway. Now she's plaguing your friends!

3. Your first kiss was at the Gaeltacht

4. They're not 'errands'. They're 'the messages'.

5. Your school closed for the week of the National Ploughing Championships.

(Ed's note: We'd like to add that some schools don't close but take school trips to the Ploughing!)

6. All crisps are called 'Taytos' - no matter what brand

7. You eat your Christmas sweets in the following order: Roses, Quality Street, Lemons.

8. You're 24 and Mammy worries you'll never find a 'nice girl' or a 'nice boy'.

9. You expect all roads to be 60% potholes.

10. You think a good funeral is better than a bad wedding.

11. Going to bed with wet hair (according to Mammy) is risking your life.


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