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Story of a marriage that will run and run

Geraldine Aron's A Galway Girl is being revived again, at the Bewley's Cafe Theatre with two of our most on-form actors, Joe Hanley and Clare Barrett, occupying the lead roles. Inspired by the marriage of the writer's own parents, it's the story of one couple, from the day they met to the day the husband dies and the wife is left on her own.

"It's my favourite of all my plays," Aron tells me. "It touches people because a lot of their own families are in there. People think their family are uniquely dysfunctional but they are actually quite run of the mill. That is why it never stops playing. It's always on somewhere."

For an Aron play, this is hardly unique. At present, she has plays on in Slovenia, Argentina and Prague (for eight years!), and she is going to miss the Bewley's run of A Galway Girl as My Brilliant Divorce, which has already been on in Ireland (with Deirdre O'Kane) and the UK (with Dawn French), is opening in New York.

The latter is also being made into a movie in France, with Michele Laroque in the lead role.

"It's not my first time working in film," she says. "An agent once called me and told me that Franco Zeffirelli was in town and he needed a rewrite urgently. So I holed up in the Four Seasons in London for four days writing a draft for a movie that had already had nine drafts done."

The final version, used for the movie, Young Toscanini, wasn't hers.

"There was no leading female role in my version and Liz Taylor would eventually star. But Zeffirelli was a fascinating, colourful character."

Bewley's Cafe Theatre, April 30-May 26, 2012, Time: 1.10pm

www.bewleyscafetheatre.com/ events/a-galway-girl

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