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Ryan Tubridy sits for new photo to inspire teenage sketcher sensation


Tubridy is staying the morning slot

Tubridy is staying the morning slot

Tubridy is staying the morning slot

Broadcaster Ryan Tubridy has posed for a new photograph for sketcher Sarah Ryan (16) after the original photographer of the image she based her famous drawing on objected to her using it.

The talented schoolgirl sent a detailed sketch of Tubridy to 2fm last week but had "no idea" how popular it would become.

The transition-year student also secured a deal with an art gallery after one of her pencil portraits of the broadcaster caught the attention of curator Frank O'Dea.

However, the original photographer has asked that the picture not be used in any exhibition according to the Irish Examiner.

Margaret and Barry Moore of Photogenic Photographers in Dalkey in south Dublin said the image was their intellectual property.

Ms Moore posted on their Photogenic Dalkey blog, ‘‘I know she will be an incredible artist in her own right in the near future.”

After acknowledging the 16-year-old’s talent she reminded readers, ‘‘It is my portrait.’’

‘‘Taking that image, that drawing and making it the basis for a mini-company or any company or commercial enterprise, is unfair to that student and unfair to all of the other artists and photo-graphers whose talent created the images in the first place,’’ she added.

The young artist has entered her sketch into the National Student Enterprise Awards and Ms Moore is a local judge in the same awards.

Tubridy has posed for a new picture, taken by photographer Jenny McCarthy and it has been given to schoolgirl Ryan with permission to render it.

The new drawing will go in the window of a showcase in Westbury Mall in Dublin after she accepted gallery owner Mr O’Dea’s offer to display her work.

"I was in school and started getting all these calls and texts," she told the Irish Independent.

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"I definitely didn't expect an art gallery to get in touch. It's all so unexpected."

Ms Ryan, who attends Loreto College, Wexford, is now discussing the details of an upcoming exhibition at Dublin art gallery Balla Ban.

"There's so much to think about, like pricing and all that," she said. "It's a lot to get your head around, but it's very exciting."

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