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Review: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? by Claudia Carroll

If you haven't read Claudia Carroll yet, you'd be forgiven for dismissing her as another TV personality trading on her name. She played the scheming Nicola in Fair City for many years before turning to writing. But, with eight bestselling novels under her belt, Carroll's writing credentials are now firmly established.

Her latest, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, has already soared to Number One on the bestsellers' list within two weeks of publication.

This one, like some of her other books, has a touch of showbiz, reflecting the world Carroll knows well. Childhood sweethearts Annie and Dan have been married for five years and everyone says they are the perfect couple. Dan, a vet, is handsome and caring. Annie is a successful actress.

So all seems well. But as time passes, Annie has her doubts. After the first year of wedded bliss in Dublin, the couple moved to the country where Dan took over his father's busy veterinary practice and that's when the trouble started. Dan is always too busy, even missing Christmas dinner for some animal emergency.

Meanwhile, their house is under constant siege from her interfering mother-in-law, the two other vets in the practice and the bossy receptionist, as well as friend, Lisa, who always had her eye on Dan. Her only ally is Jules, her young sister-in-law. With the lack of privacy and Dan away most of the time, Annie feels neglected and trapped.

In her former life as an actress, Annie was much in demand. She has put her own career on hold. . . but when she is offered a part in a prestigious Broadway play for a year, Annie has some big decisions to make. The couple agree to take a sabbatical from their marriage with no stipulation other than to meet up at the end of the year at the Rockefeller Centre. It seems unlikely that their already shaky relationship can survive long-distance.

The first few weeks in New York are exhilarating: Annie feels alive for the first time in years and when the suave director sweeps her off her feet, she discovers whether absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Lighthearted, funny and touching, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow takes an emotional roller-coaster ride around New York, asks some probing questions about the nature of relationships and keeps the reader wondering until the very end.

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