Tuesday 12 November 2019

Review: Thriller: A Wanted Man by Lee Child

Bantam Press, €12.99, tpbk, 440 pages
Available with free P&P on www.kennys.ie or by calling 091 709350

Fans who really know their Jack Reacher may despair at the choice of Tom Cruise to play him in the movie. But this new novel will be some consolation.

In A Wanted Man, trouble once again comes looking for Reacher. All he's trying to do is hitch a ride at night from the middle of nowhere in Nebraska to any town big enough to have a bus or train station.

When a car eventually does stop, he quickly realises there is something very wrong about the two men and the woman in it, and a series of police roadblocks suggest he's being used as cover to confuse the cops.

When one of the men tries to kill him at a remote motel, and flees with the others, Reacher teams up with FBI agent Julia Sorensen to track them down.

Through Sorensen he learns of an impending terrorist attack and that rogue American agents may be aiding the terrorists. While the cops must follow the letter of the law, Reacher, as always, reads from a very different rule book and brings his own maverick justice to bear on the evil doers.

A Wanted Man will leave the legion of Reacher addicts satisfied but craving for their next fix -- which they are unlikely to get from the Cruise movie.

Myles McWeeney

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