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Review: The Disappeared by MR Hall

Jenny Cooper, recently divorced and determined to make a new life for herself, has become the Severn Vale District Coroner. Although barely established in the job, her response to an emotional appeal from a Pakistan-born woman that Jenny should open an inquest into the disappearance of her only son seven years before suddenly threatens her sanity and her new-found career. Nazim Jamal, the young man in question, and his friend Rafi Hassan vanished without trace and the police had told Mrs Jamal that her son had become a radical Muslim and it was likely that he and his friend had left the country to pursue their dangerous new ideals. But as Jenny digs deeper, the stench of corruption and conspiracy emerges.

This is the second Jenny Cooper case and exceeds the expectations set by award-winning The Coroner, published last year. A former barrister, M R Hall was one of the creators of several successful TV drama series, including Kavanagh QC and Dalziel and Pascoe.

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