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Review: The Accident by Linwood Barclay

Glen Barber operates the small construction firm he inherited from his late father in Milford, Connecticut, but the US building recession has hit his business hard and he's feeling the pinch.

His wife Sheila is taking a business course at night and when Sheila fails to return one evening, Glen bundles their eight-year-old daughter into his truck and goes looking for her.

When he comes across the scene of a two-car collision his worst fears are realised. Three people are dead -- one of them his wife.

Worse still, the police say Sheila was drunk and wholly responsible for the crash. Glen knows this can't be true and, as he tries to trace his wife's movements over the last days of her life, he uncovers dangerous secrets behind the closed doors of their best friends, secrets that propel him into a world of corruption and lawlessness that threatens the lives of him and his daughter.

Linwood Barclay excels at genuinely scary, tension-filled tales of ordinary folk in seemingly normal and peaceful small-town America, and this latest chiller is well up to the mark.