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Review: Secrets To The Grave by Tami Hoag

It is 1986. A young woman, an artist and a mother, is found brutally murdered in the town of Oak Knoll. Marissa Fordham has been dead for two days, and clinging to her slashed and mutilated naked body is Haley, her seriously injured four-year-old daughter.

Haley is too traumatised to speak, so the local police call in child advocate Anne Leone whose new husband Vince was a former member of the FBI's legendary Behavioural Sciences Unit. As Anne tries to help the terrified little girl, it becomes clear that she and the child have been targeted by the killer.

An edge-of-the-seat immediate sequel to Hoag's last bestseller, Deeper Than the Dead, this gory murder case is packed with fascinating details about the emerging forensic sciences.