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Review: From Blood by Edward Wright

Bright and feisty but carrying a ton of emotional baggage, Shannon Fairchild has given up a promising academic career to clean other people's houses by day and patronise low rent bars by night.

Her wake-up call comes when she learns that her high achieving university lecturer parents have been tortured and killed. Delving deep into their past, with her mother's dying words 'find them and warn them', ringing in her ears, she discovers a history of political radicalism linking them to a fatal bombing in the turbulent 1960s.

She learns that the two masterminds behind that attack eluded capture by the FBI and now live deep underground lives. Her efforts to track down the notorious couple attract the attention of the US Homeland Security, the FBI and, more dangerously, the unknown assailants who killed her parents.

As Fairchild learns more about her the hidden past of her parents she discovers that the path of her own life is not as clear cut as she had always imagined it to be, and she has a lot more to lose if the killers find her quarry before she manages to.

Edward Wright has delivered yet another cracking high adrenalin read that races along at unflagging speed and is packed with believable and beautifully drawn characters.

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