Novelist Disha Bose — ‘I spent 10 years trying to write books, then I get a powerhouse agent and deals in 10 days’

Disha Bose was trekking in Nepal with Richard O’Shea when a huge earthquake struck. That terrifying experience was to cement their bond and Bose is now living her dream as a writer

Disha Bose and Richard O’Shea on their wedding day in 2017 in Kolkata, India

Patrice Harrington

It is the kind of test that will make or break a new relationship. Debut author Disha Bose (32) from Kolkata, India, was only dating her Irish boyfriend Richard O’Shea for seven months when they found themselves thrust into an unfolding nightmare. It was April 25, 2015, and the young couple were trekking the Annapurna trail in Nepal when a massive earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, caused devastation in the capital of Kathmandu and reverberated across the mountain range they were exploring.