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Let the spirits guide you in new venture

'EVOLVE' is a book by Dublin-based accountant and turnaround expert Paul Davis on how to set up a business that will keep you satisfied.

Subtitled 'Look within yourself for your business success', the Oak Tree Press title tries to give readers a step-by-step guide to setting up a business that will make you happy and help the world.

Written in a mystical style that will infuriate some and entrance others, 'Evolve' lays great emphasis on the spiritual side of business life and comes with many quotes from Confucius and religiously minded business consultants such as Stephen Covey.

A flavour of the style can be gleaned from the back cover which tells -- or should that be warns? -- the reader of what is in store.

"What Paul explains in this book is how you can harness these forces of destiny and the power of your thoughts so as to reach your own success in business and more importantly in life to make this a better world."

This reviewer believes that books such as 'Evolve' are missed opportunities.

While there are literally thousands of books on how to set up a business, there is still a shortage of good books on how to set up a business in Ireland.

'Evolve' would be a much more useful book if it tackled this subject in detail and left the stuff about blue skies and the like to writers from overseas.


Still, wishing a book tackled a different topic is a little unfair and 'Evolve' makes a decent stab at giving the would-be business man or woman some tools for developing a business idea.

Mr Davis outlines 10 things to do to "open up to your purpose" although this could be boiled down to thinking really hard about what you want.

A final chapter on habits urges readers to have an attitude of gratitude and meditate and even "have fun".

If this is the sort of advice that stirs something in you, then you will probably enjoy 'Evolve'.

If you are looking for more hard-headed advice or are generally sceptical about mixing God and mammon, you might do well to consult some of the many other books available on setting up a new business.

Former Pizza Express boss Luke Johnson's recent tome, 'Start It Up -- Why Running Your Own Business Is Easier Than You Think', which was recently reviewed in these pages, might be a good place to start.

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