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Judge children's books

Ever felt like judging a major award? Well here's your chance. The Irish Book Awards are about to kick off and the Dublin Airport Authority is looking for a couple of judges for its Children's Book of the Year Award.

After all, who better to judge a children's book than the people who read them.

It's easy to enter. If you are aged 16 or under, all you have to do is write a short story, in not more than 250 words, expanding on the theme outlined in the following opening sentences.

"After all that happened on our holiday I was very glad to see Dublin airport once again. Our holiday began normally enough but then, well... stuff happened. Let me explain."

Start your story with this paragraph (not counting these words in your 250 word limit) and take it from there. Stories should be submitted, preferably typed, on an A4 sheet and stapled to an entry from, which can be downloaded at www.irishbookawards.ie and at www.dublin airportauthority.com.

The two winning entrants will join an expert panel of judges who will decide the winners of the Dublin Airport Authority Children's Book of the Year Awards 2008. They will also be invited to attend the Irish Book Awards Gala Dinner in the Mansion House Round Room on April 24.

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