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Is Jen about to reveal the truth at last?

She has been the subject of hundreds of tabloid headlines that have speculated on her love life, her divorce and her reproductive cycle. But now America's favourite girl-next-door, actress Jennifer Aniston, could be about to have the final word.

This week, the National Enquirer, America's leading tabloid, reported that the Hollywood star is planning to write a tell-all memoir that will finally put to bed the rumours about her much fabled love life, her divorce from Brad Pitt and her plans for the future -- that may or may not involve children.

According to the tabloid, Aniston, who turns 42 next week, is already in talks with a variety of publishers and is expected to make $25m (€18.3m) from any publishing deal.

"Jennifer wanted to wait until she felt she had enough life experience to make the book truly meaningful, not just for her but for her millions of fans," a source told the National Enquirer.

"Obviously she's delighted at the prospect of landing such a huge payday in return for putting pen to paper. But I think the most attractive thing for her about this is the opportunity to finally set the record straight about everything she's been through over the years."

Aniston's plans to write a memoir may be the latest rumour in a long line of celebrity untruths about the former Friends star. But nobody really knows.

In a cynical world obsessed with celebrity gossip, there is nothing that sells weekly magazines like Jennifer Aniston and her role in the Jolie/Pitt love triangle.

The storyline -- America's blonde sweetheart falls for Hollywood's prince charming who then dumps her for a tattooed vixen with a humanitarian heart and a penchant for adopting children -- seems to have an independent life of its own with no real relation to the protagonists' actual lives.

Over the years, the front covers of America's leading weeklies have declared the latest update in Jennifer's life: 'Baby time for Jen'; 'Jen hates Angelina'; 'Jen still loves Brad'; 'Jen is over Brad'; 'Jen is getting married' and 'Jen is adopting a baby'.

But how much of it is true?

Hardly any of it, according to the editor of one celebrity weekly. With no real insight into what is going on inside Aniston's life -- both the star and her inner circle remain intensely private -- stories about Aniston in weekly magazines are usually constructed from nothing more than the latest set of paparazzi photographs (or the "ratzies," as Aniston likes to call them dismissively).

Taken with a fast shutter speed, the photographs capture a range of emotions of Aniston out shopping, having lunch with friends, or on the set of her latest movie. It is then up to the editorial staff at a celebrity weekly to construct a story from the photographs.

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"You build the story around an emotion," said one editor of a celebrity weekly, who admitted that an innocent frown may become an instant story line. "What's happening with poor Jen this week? Well, John Mayer (one of her recent boyfriends) is seeing someone else, and for a woman of her age, that must be awful. So you construct a narrative of what a woman her age may be feeling.

"The question is: how can we construct a story around a set of emotions that our readers are going to relate to? It can come from a genuine tip, or a photo. Or it can come out of our ass."

Aniston herself has instigated a strict policy of never reading tabloid stories involving her or 'Brangelina', and ignoring the constant rumours and speculation about her love life.

"It's been very important for me not to read anything, not to see anything," she says. "It's been my saving grace. That stuff is just toxic."

At times however, Aniston has admitted to falling off the 'no-tabloid' wagon. In 2005 she picked up a copy of a weekly featuring an insult about Aniston by Kimberly Stewart, daughter of Rod.

"It literally ruined my night," said Aniston about Stewart's comment that she was unattractive.

But Aniston has also used the media to her occasional advantage, poking fun at the absurdity of the 'Brangelina love triangle'.

In 2008 the star joked to GQ Magazine that -- far from the reported feud -- she, Brad, Angie and the kids liked to vacation together. "The funny thing is, people don't realise we all go away to the Hamptons on the weekends," she said.

And in 2009 at the Women in Film awards ceremony, Aniston once again joked about her complicated love life, telling the audience that the titles of her movies -- The Good Girl, Derailed, The Break-up -- was simply art imitating real life: "If anyone has a movie called Everlasting Love With An Adult Stable Man, that would be great!"

Hollywood insiders contacted by the Weekend Review have dismissed the latest rumours that Aniston plans to write a "no-holds barred" book about her life. "What would she have to gain by that?" asked one.

But perhaps Aniston wants to put to bed the rumours for once and for all and write her own conclusion to the endless cycle of speculation about her private life.

"It's out there," Aniston told Vanity Fair about her hope of finding lasting love. "It will happen. There's an amazing man that's wandering the streets right now who's the father of my children.

"Maybe it's a fairytale, but I believe in happily ever after."

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