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Irish teenager's book aims to ease children’s Covid concerns


Illustration by Danny Foley. Photo: Joe Leogue.

Illustration by Danny Foley. Photo: Joe Leogue.

Illustration by Danny Foley. Photo: Joe Leogue.

A Cork student has written a children’s Christmas book explaining how Santa Claus will still be able to visit despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Santa’s Magic Mask’ is a picture book which aims to ease children’s concerns over Santa Claus’ ability to travel between homes and has already proven to be a massive hit.

The story follows a group of children who worry what social distancing and restricted house visits will mean for the most anticipated house guest of the year.

The book is written by UCC student Anna O’Connor and illustrated by Danny Foley.

The 19-year-old English student revealed that the book was inspired by the concerned kids in her care.

“I wrote the story after the kids I babysit expressed their worries about Santa calling. I’ve always loved writing, so this seemed like a natural way to ease their minds.

The book is written in a similar tone to The Night Before Christmas and so is a new twist to a very traditional tale,” she said.

The book has received massive praise since publication and is quickly on its way to becoming a bestseller.

“The response so far has been amazing. Kids love it and many parents have told me that their little ones are now excited for Santa’s visit instead of being worried that he won’t be able to call,” Anna said.

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The young author also explained why it was so important that this book was created to help children understand this strange time that they’re living in.

She added: “Children are really smart, so they know what’s going on - they know Santa travels and visits houses which are two things that we’re not allowed to do.

These questions are ones that they genuinely have, and we owe it to them to answer them.”

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