Wednesday 17 July 2019

George Hook reads an extract from his erotic novel: “He saw the wondrous orbs... and buried his face in all their glory"

George and Brendan
George and Brendan

Patricia Murphy

Broadcaster George Hook has shared extracts of his new erotic novel which he hopes will be picked up by an Irish publisher.

The Right Hook presenter spoke about the novel on this morning’s Brendan O’Connor Show and said it was set “in a radio station owned by an eccentric billionaire”.

Hook stressed that the literature was not autobiographical, despite the fact that the story’s main character is an aging radio presenter named Jeff who is “fat, old and balding” and a complete “ladies’ man”.

“It’s four books... it’s set in a radio station owned by an eccentric billionaire.

“Complete fiction. One of the presenters is fat, old and balding and he is coming near the end of his life and he looks back. Because he was always a ladies’ man, in Book One he looks back at all the women in his life. In Book Two he looks back on his career in radio which is peopled by erotic people.

“Therefore he looks back on his time in radio. When young would-be broadcasters would come in looking for a job he’d take them off to the interview room,” Hook dished to Brendan on RTE Radio One.

The former Rugby Pundit for RTE shared an extract of the book in which his main character is in hospital suffering from cancer and is approached by a young nurse.

“Joanie the new night nurse was his kind of girl,” Hook wrote.

“She was size 16 and the white starched uniform struggled to hold her double D breasts. Last night when she bent over him to fluff his pillows he had a glimpse of her little girls.

“The objects of his dreams. Something was different though. She was in five inch heels and there was a slash of red on the lovely mouth that opened to utter the words:“Time for your injections, Jeff.”

“He groaned but the trolley stayed by the door and he heard the click of the door lock. She moved to the bed

“”The floor is quiet tonight and I can stay a little bit longer,” she whispered.

“Slowly and deliberately she unbuttoned the first four buttons and he saw the wondrous orbs and then the objects of his imagination fell loose and he buried his face in all their glory,” Hook read.

O’Connor had warned listeners to “send any little ears off out into the garden” before Hook began reading his extract.

George and Brendan
George and Brendan

Hook revealed that his main character is not bisexual, and just sees sex as sex.

“This is fiction. I don’t think there is bisexuality. Sex is sex.”

"There isn’t a schoolboy at some time that didn’t have a crush on another man.

"I remember going to the Leinster schools athletics in the Iveagh Grand and finding a fella in the 4x100m relay very attractive," said Hook.

The presenter revealed that his wife Ingrid and his family have yet to read his work but he said they'll be proud when the millions begin to roll in.

“If this is a million seller they will be proud.

“I haven’t signed up with anybody. I’d be confident of this getting published,” said Hook.

Hook also shared another extract of his four-piece erotica series, which might be on the shelves in 2016.

"The cancer is coursing through his body and he knew it would soon be over.

"But in the last few days he looked back at his life and found the money, success and the adulation meant nothing. Alcohol, cigarettes and gambling were never his bag.

"One thing dominated his thinking since that first erection in the outside toilet of the temanant bloick he inhabited with four other families. Other boys dreamed of fame and fortune. He dreamed of women. God how he loved them.

"It wasn’t the act but the chase, the victory, the heap of clothes on the floor that gave him pleasure. Young or old fat or thin, black or white they all were wonderful," Hook wrote.

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