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Family fortunes pay off in book deal for 'Mrs Brown'


MRS BROWN will soon bring her unique advice on how to run a family home to the bookshelves.

Creator Brendan O'Carroll (pictured) has signed a lucrative deal with a London publisher for a series of books based on his award-winning comedy series, which has millions of fans around the world.

The first book in the planned series will be published later this year for the Christmas market.

Titled 'Mrs Brown's Family Handbook', it will be a large-format, illustrated hardback in which Mrs Brown will give lots of advice on running a household and keeping a family in order.

O'Carroll was unavailable for comment yesterday, but Mrs Brown said: "I'm delighted to be doing this. I'm mad into books meself. In fact, I've two at home that aren't even coloured in yet."

No financial details of the deal with Penguin International have been released. But the success of 'Mrs Brown's Boys' means that the money involved for the spin-off books is likely to be substantial.

O'Carroll has been shrewd in holding on to the rights to the shows and will now write the books. He is already an established author, as the Mrs Brown character came originally from his Agnes Browne book trilogy.

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