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Exploits of female hacker Harry land film deal for author

AN Irish author who writes bestselling thrillers featuring a female hacker has signed a six-figure deal with Hollywood.

The deal with Polaris Pictures will bring Ava McCarthy's heroine, reformed hacker Harry Martinez, to the big screen.

Although less known in Ireland, Ms McCarthy is a big name on the international thriller market.

A Dublin mother of two, she studied physics in UCD and has a master's degree in nuclear medicine.

She worked as a computer analyst for the London Stock Exchange and stayed in the software industry for more than 20 years before giving it all up to write her first novel.

Her acclaimed debut, 'The Insider', published in 2009, introduced hot-shot hacker Harry Martinez, a strong and attractive character who decides to go straight and become a private eye.

The story is set among gamblers and insider traders against a backdrop of Dublin and the Bahamas.

Harry is a smart, strong and attractive character who doesn't suffer fools.

She has been compared to other female private eyes like Val McDermid's Kate Brannigan and Sara Paretsky's VI Warshawski.

Polaris Pictures producer Jeremy Wall says he hopes the movie will be an Irish-based production, featuring a largely Irish cast.

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Ms McCarthy has written a further two Harry thrillers -- 'The Courier' (2010) and 'Hide Me (2011)' -- and is working on a fourth.

Her thrillers have been translated into 13 languages worldwide.

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