Darragh McKeon: Enniskillen knows ‘moving on’ is not the same as erasing the past

Visible scars of the 1987 bombing may be gone but it’s clear that bitter lessons have been drawn. The same can’t be said for the republican movement

A funeral cortage is led past the cenotaph and scene of explosion which killed them in Enniskillen in November 1987. Photo by John Carlos

Darragh McKeon

Among all the guests at the coronation, Michelle O’Neill’s presence was so innocuous, it was — to the rest of the world — unremarkable. Wearing her light blue suit, pink clutch bag in hand, chatting freely with the other dignitaries, she seemed a mild-mannered, affable politician, curious to the events of that unusual day, ready for a party. And yet, as with all things royal, the personal is intermingled with the political.