Tuesday 17 September 2019

The Summer Villa: Secrets and sun and La Dolce Vita

Fiction: The Summer Villa

Melissa Hill

HQ Fiction, €14.99

The Summer Villa
The Summer Villa

Margaret Madden

Three very different women have landed on the Amalfi Coast, each woman with her own reasons for being there. The crumbling Villa Dolce Vita is where the group first meet. Surrounded by bougainvillea draped walls, steep steps to the azure ocean and with views of lemon and olive groves, their tensions are discarded as they learn to let go of their worries.

New Yorker, Kim, has narrowly escaped the plan her parents had set in motion and is loving the off-the-grid life. Colette is making the most of the trip her mother has gifted her, and is gaining more confidence in herself every day. Dublin hairdresser, Annie, is like a fish out of water, but learning to go with the flow. Lazy beach days, visits to Pompeii and Sorrento and dancing the night away sees a tight bond form between the three strangers.

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Six years later, the girls plan their return to Italy, but things have changed. Kim is launching the newly upgraded Villa Dolce Vita - now a five-star wellness retreat - and hopes to impress her visitors.

However, secrets are threatening to surface and some are not as enthused about the return trip as others: "She'd almost talked herself into not turning up tonight and staying away for everyone's sake, but she'd already come all this way to Italy, back to the scene of the crime, as it were. There would be no avoiding it: the s**t was about to hit the fan."

Sunshine and sea, fantastic food and drink, day-trips and stunning scenery, suntans and holiday romances. What more could you ask for in a holiday read? The Summer Villa has all this, and a lot more. Reminiscent of Patricia Scanlan's City Girl, these three women will stay with you, long after the last page is turned. Highly recommended.

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