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Short story: Hearing Voices/Seeing Things by William Wall


Hearing Voices/Seeing Things by William Wall

Hearing Voices/Seeing Things by William Wall

Hearing Voices/Seeing Things by William Wall

Some stories in this collection are really short, two pages maybe, but have the welter of an entire life beneath the surface. William Wall overhears and observes the invisible people that walk our streets, figures freighted with loss, with alienation, with dark secrets.

The author beckons his reader into a dark corner papered with random images, snatched phrases, worked up into a scene, perhaps in a dingy flat, where a fun-

seeking tourist has responded to an advertisement in a toilet stall and finds himself trapped, naked and robbed of his credit cards in For Fun Times.

In Perfection Comes Too Late,  an up-to-date narrative source provides some scope for infidelity. A spam-email that markets a miracle erectile dysfunction solution, provides an orthodontist with a window on cyber fantasy.

A recently widowed 35 year-old woman and a homeless man are the focus of Paper and Ashes. She found her accountant husband, dead in the bathroom and now has his ashes to disperse. She says, ‘Even at the funeral they were all laughing behind my back, those that weren’t owed money,’ this is typical of Wall’s one liners that speak volumes.

Funerals, widows, orthodontists, stalkers and stuffed hearts emerge throughout the collection, woven into intense encounters that are both confessional and transitory. Each story demands your adjustment to a new voice and perspective. The author’s poetic voice is evident in the syncopated pace and rhythm of his prose.

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