Tuesday 18 June 2019

Fiction: Far Horizon by Tony Park

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Far Horizon by Tony Park.
Far Horizon by Tony Park.
Deirdre Conroy

Deirdre Conroy

After reading Far Horizon, I felt I could paint the African bush. So vivid is Tony Park's imagery of lush plantation and arid yellow plains, it helps take your eye off the gory, blood-soaked victims of the ivory hunters.

The book opens in the war-torn minefields of Mozambique, where Mike Williams is on a posting with the UN Accelerated De-mining Program. He is checking out a bush track before a group of journalists arrive, when he hears the unmistakable pop-pop-pop of an AK-47 and the tormented trumpet of a wounded elephant. What ensues is a graphic massacre of men and beast. Soldier of fortune, Karl Hess, has brought his Russian client on a trophy hunt. Orlov, a Russian drug and sex trader, wants the ivory to decorate his dacha outside St Petersburg.

Williams manages to escape and we find him across the border one year later in the Kruger National Park working as a tour guide, in an attempt to put the grim past behind him.

He suddenly stops his tour bus to take a call. It is a detective who needs his help to catch the poachers. In the passenger seat, Sarah Thatcher, a blonde English journalist, picks up on the tension and surreptitiously takes notes, determined to get an exclusive story.

The murdering poachers and innocent tourists are set on a parallel journey of intense drama through spectacular locations. The author's knowledge of war zones and no-conscience killing, makes this a gripping page turner, with a shot at revenge in the crosshairs.

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