Wednesday 19 June 2019

Crime: The Puppet Maker by Danielle Ramsay

Mulholland Books Hodder, €11.00

The Puppet Maker by Danielle Ramsay
The Puppet Maker by Danielle Ramsay
Deirdre Conroy

Deirdre Conroy

If you enjoy tense thrillers, gruesome murders and serial killers, then The Puppet Maker will sate your appetite. This is the fifth in Danielle Ramsay’s DI Jack Brady series. Not only does it have complex twists and turns, but Ramsay is an elegant writer.

After pursuing an academic career in literature she began to write full time and excels at this genre, vicariously fighting evil.

You will be gripped from the opening scene in a disused Victorian asylum. Jack Brady is alone.

A serial axe-murderer  is on the loose; he was jailed for murdering his psychiatrist and family. While out on parole, his probation officer and family have been murdered and a three-year old girl has gone missing.  Brady is in the basement searching for clues. A rattling sound draws him towards a furnace. He cannot believe his eyes when he opens it. Staring back are dead-eyed women all dressed in white, all identical. None of them had been reported missing.

Chapters alternate between points of view. After Brady, we engage with a victim, shackled alongside the nameless bodies of others.

The women have been carefully chosen, they lead insular lives, so nobody even realises they are missing, until Brady stumbles upon the killer’s private collection. But is it the same killer?

This is quite a page-turner, advisable not to read alone on a dark, windy night.

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