Friday 15 December 2017

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Matthew Glass

Corvus, stg£14.99

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Daniel Suarez

Sphere, £8.99

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Gifted Russian-born Ivy League student Andre Koss has come up with the idea of a new website that promises to be the new Facebook, a website that gives its users something he has termed Deep Connectedness, a concept he knows will revolutionise social networking. It gives its users the most efficient way to find others who truly share their interests wherever they may be in the world.

Enlisting his college room mates, Ben and Kevin, by the time he is 21, he is the CEO of a multi-billion dollar empire called Fishbowl that reaches into every corner of the planet. He knows his creation can be an immense power for good, but he now must fight to prevent unscrupulous and unprincipled men harnessing its immense power for the wrong reasons.

Fishbowl gives a fascinating insight into how a tech company is created and the machinations of Silicone Valley.

Particle physicist Jon Grady celebrates mightily when his team make the big breakthrough and create a machine that can reflect gravity and change the future for the better. But at the very moment of his triumph, his lab is locked down by a shadowy organisation that was crated more than 50 years before to prevent the social upheaval that might be caused by sudden technological advances. Grady finds himself immured in a nightmarish high-tech prison with other rebellious geniuses. Can he escape? How does he defeat an enemy with a 50-year technological advantage? A fascinating if a little far-fetched tale.

Fans of Michael Crichton and the late Tom Clancy, whose books are all based on real-world or plausible near-future technology, will find that Matthew Glass and Daniel Suarez are more than worthy and credible successors.

Both manage to write about complex science in a direct and simple manner that allows non-PhD-level readers feel they are just about grasping the theory behind the exciting developments that are shaping current and future society, and deliver thrills as well.

- Myles McWeeney

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