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A Question of Betrayal by Zoë Miller review - High-voltage mix of drama and intrigue

Fiction: A Question of Betrayal, Zoë Miller, Hachette Ireland pbk,420 pages, €8.99

A Question of Betrayal
A Question of Betrayal

The characters who populate this novel are all in need of psychotherapy. Their issues centre mainly on loss - the loss of parents (in a plane crash), domestic violence and blindness.

This is novel number five from Dublin-based writer Zoë Miller. Protagonist Carrie Cassidy is four years on from losing her beloved parents - they died on a trip she encouraged them to go on and the guilt she feels is enormous. She thinks she has done her mourning but her unresolved grief is having far-reaching effects on her life.

Carrie has recently broken up with her fiancé Mark, the love of her life, a man who wanted more than she could give. After losing mum Sylvie and dad John so tragically, she is terrified of committing to Mark in case she loses him, too.

Carrie's fear of risk and commitment is also impacting negatively on her career. She is totally uninterested in her job, but when she finally plucks up the courage to hand in her notice, she is horrified to discover she has just pre-empted the company's move to get rid of her. This book's momentum really starts to build when a mysterious woman visits Carrie with an odd request.

When the woman's partner subsequently claims that he had an affair with her mother when she was newly married to her father, Carrie begins to delve into her mother's past.

Slowly, a complex tale of domestic violence, mistaken identity and attempted murder from decades before emerges. To add to the intrigue, behind the scenes, a powerful, paranoid man - who has many reasons for wanting the past to stay hidden - is stalking Carrie.

With its high-voltage blend of drama, intrigue and suspense, and a storyline full of twists and turns, there is no question of betrayal here. Miller delivers again.

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