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'The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven' says he made it all up


The Angelus: outdated or just rude?

The Angelus: outdated or just rude?

The Angelus: outdated or just rude?

The best-selling author of the memoir 'The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven' has revealed he made the whole story up.

The book hit the shelves five years ago and purported to tell the story of Alex Malarkey's remarkable near death experience as he lay in a coma after a car crash.

The book outlined an incident in 2004 when he and his father Kevin were in a car crash.  Alex said he saw his father crash through the window but be swept to safety by an angel.

Alex, who was six at the time of the crash, was in a coma for two months and when he woke up he claimed to have visited Heaven.

However, he has now written an open letter to bookshops confessing the book, co-written with his father, was entirely fabricated.

The letter, which was published on pulpitandpen.org, reads, "I did not die. I did not go to Heaven. I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attention. When I made the claims that I did, I had never read the Bible.

"People have profited from lies, and continue to. They should read the Bible, which is enough. The Bible is the only source of truth. Anything written by man cannot be infallible."

Alex's mother has previously questioned the claims made by Alex in the book, saying he had been "taken advantage" of.  His father has yet to comment. 

The publisher, Tyndale House, has decided to pull the book in the wake of the revelations.

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